Care of your Wei

Weimaraners are considered as "easy care" dogs due to their sleek coat.  

Shorthairs: A good brush once a week with a rubber mit is all it takes to keep that coat looking good.  

Longhairs: Use a brush instead of a rubber mit.  You may find occasionally that you need to trim the hair between the toes as this can get slightly matted if left too long.

As part of your grooming program don't forget to include cleaning the ears.

Trim the nails once a week.  This ensures that the quik doesn't grow too long and thus result in long unsightly nails.

The breeder of your Wei will be able to advise you the best food to feed your puppy and in some cases will provide you with a "starter kit" to take home when you collect your puppy.  The main thing to remember is to feed a good quality dog food.

The Weimaraner needs to be involved in doing something, whether it be obedience, agility, hunting or showing.  There are many baby puppy socialising classes to go to.  Check with your vet or local obedience club.  The more you are able to do with them, the more you will enjoy your dog.  An untrained Weimaraner is not nice to live with.

Be careful not to over exercise a young puppy.  

Worming/Flea Treatments
This should be done on a regular basis - check with your Veterinarian.

It is necessary to yearly vaccinate your dog, especially if you are likely to put it into boarding kennels at some time.